The Kickoff Challenge

May 2013 - Season Kickoff Challenge:
To kick off the new season of training for competition, we will be initiating a challenge as of May 1st. Because the cornerstone of all human movement is the basic Squat, and because everything gets easier when your Squat is better, the kick-off is the 21-Day Squat Challenge. Please read the article that inspired this challenge, here.

As it states in the article, every participating athlete will choose to tackle a daily maximal load on either Front or Back Squat, or both. For some of us, the Box Squat will also be included and combined as needed for each individual athletes' needs. What you focus on depends on your goals and weaknesses.

Varying the volume of "back-off " sets depending on the individual's recovery and the WOD planned for that day will also allow for individual goals to be targeted. (2x2 for days when you feel crappy vs. 3 sets of 5 heavy reps for good days).
Anyone who has been consistently participating in the group classes at CrossFit Flagstaff for at least 6 months is welcome to join Comp Squad and participate in this challenge! Talk to a trainer about how to best implement this training to help you reach your goal of competing at the next competition you're interested in!