The "Dutch" Oven

IMG_8161 WOD
Clean and Jerk -85% of 1RM
2 on the minute for 5 minutes.


Shoulder Press
10x@ 60%/ 8x@ 70%/ 6x@ 80%/ 4x@ 85%/ 4x@ 85%

Rest, then:

Max Rounds in 10 minutes:                                         Recovery:
   7 Pullups                                                                 Good Mornings
   10 Lunges (each leg)                                               8-8-8 rep sets
   Sprint 60m                                                              Stretch and Foam Roll

IMG_8087 IMG_8121 IMG_8123 IMG_8133 IMG_8108 IMG_8117IMG_8156 IMG_8132 IMG_8130 IMG_8158

Thanks for joining us, Becca!