The death of a box...

Once upon a time there was a handsome Plyo Box named Bill. Bill loved it when people jumped on him or used him to reach pull up bars or rings.
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Bill was even happier when people stacked SMALLER boxes on top of him while cleaning up after a WOD. 


But Bill got very sad when he was stacked on top of boxes that were smaller than he was.  
0-2 0-3


You see, Bill was afraid he would hurt the smaller boxes. Unfortunately the smaller boxes were slowly killing Bill. As the smaller boxes spread out Bill's base and slowly tore out the screws that held Bill together they made bigger and bigger holes in Bill. These holes proved to be terminal... 0 0-1

So please, the next time you stack boxes, Think of poor ol' Bill and stack boxes like a pyramid, with bigger boxes on the bottom.

RIP Bill, you will be missed...