Enter-The Zone

Several of our clients are about to embark on the Zone.  Their athletic performance has been increasing, they are seeing strength gains, physiques are being honed, their efforts are paying off.  But many of them realize that to continue, another component of their life needs to change in order for them to get the best results possible toward their goals, whatever those may be for each of them.  That change needs to happen in what they fuel their bodies with.  CrossFit strongly supports the Zone and many CrossFitters across the world have found huge benefit in this change in their eating habits.

Thursday evening we will be holding a Zone dinner-lecture to introduce it and get people started. Topics to be covered will be: What should you eat?  What foods should you avoid?  Caloric restriction. What is a block?  The Block chart.  Body type and block requirements.  Recommended books, meal plans, and recipes.

Consistency with anything is the key to success and being held accountable and knowing others are sharing your struggles and successes is very motivating.  For those who want to embark on this journey, I have created this blog and each of the people who commit to trying the Zone will be able to post on it as often as they wish, sharing their journey, thoughts, and things they've learned, with all of us.  We will include posts for new recipes and further educational information along the way as well.

Each month we will offer a Zone Potluck to keep everyone motivated, give everyone a chance to ask more questions, share their own experiences and knowledge they have gained, and encourage others to join in.

If you are interested in also making these changes in your own life, have further questions, or wish to come to any of the Zone dinner-lectures, please call Lisa at 928-607-6139.

Good luck to every one of you!


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