The Black Box

  Things are going well.  The Crossfit Journal stays something about how athletes that commit to the Zone show consistent improvement in their performance.  I have always thought "well shit, that ain't rocket science, it's a commitment issue.  If you are going commit to the Zone, you are probably going to commit to working harder at Crossfit."
     So that in mind, my black box includes Zone and working harder at Crossfit.  I have been steadily losing weight.  July 13th I stepped on the scale and it screamed 204, Fri. I weighed in at 185.  That is the numbers game, for whatever that is worth.  But what really matters is the fact that the black box is working. 
      What I have put in is about 90% compliance to the Zone.  I really try to eat lean meat, eggs, fruit and veggies.  Have been eating some steel cut oats with breakfast (with almonds and an Utah peach makes for friggin' awesome carb blocks).  That is coming from a scone and Captain Crunch kind of guy.  Ryan's black box makes allowances for really big pizza and birthday cake party F-up's (which, I am sad to report, 1/2 a pizza was standard dining fare, now it makes me feel all crampy and stuff).
       What's coming out the other end of the Black Box is really what matters.  I feel leaner, I feel stronger, I have set a huge PR for rowing.  Today's WOD (150 wall ball shots), I felt like I was recovering faster and taking shorter breathers.  I have a new found interest, now realizing that it might happen, in the muscle up (keeping in mind that as soon as I lick that F#@KER, I QUIT...I can then go about my  other dreams of 24hr on-line Dungeons and Dragons, take out Chinese food and ultimately a fork lift to get my fat ass into the tub).  Just kidding!!!  See you in Sunnyside.

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