The Bear Complex


Westside Repitition Effort Box Squat

  • 5-5-5


"Bear Complex"

Max Rounds in 20 min.-flow from one movement into the next without stopping. Choose a challenging weight, but maintain excellent form. Higher points given for increased weight choice: 1/4 bodyweight or lower=1x total score, 1/3 BW=2x total score, 1/2 BW=3x total score. Don't put the bar down during the round.

* Power Clean     or, higher intensity:    Full Squat Clean

* Front Squat                                        Thruster

* Push Press                                           Back Squat

* Back Squat                                          Thruster (from behind head)

* Push Press (from behind head)              Overhead Squat

* Overhead Squat

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Bear Complex WOD [wmv][mov] (a version for max load rather than max rounds)

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