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AC^2 Raised $3,000 for Lauriel! Thank you!

Photo courtesty Full Squared Productions -  thank you for your awesome photography!

2011 AC^2 Success!

Thank you to all of the volunteers, judges, athletes, spectators, and sponsors that made this another successful event!  We saw so much courage, heart, and fight from every person there in every capacity. 
Thank you.


We have finally gotten the entire tally and the results are in! Congratulations to each and every athlete who stepped out onto that floor, Saturday.  You all fought for your "5th day" alongside Lauriel.  That was what this day was about.

In our haste at the end, the scoring for the Scaled Women unfortunately missed the compilation of the 5 Skills in the final standings, so there are 2 categories of ranking for the Scaled women.  The first is the overall winners for the 2 main workouts, "Lauriel" and "Last Athlete Standing".  The second is the overall winners for the 7 workouts of the day's compiled scores.  Congratulations, Ladies!

Scaled and Open Women

Scaled and Open Men

Prescribed Women

Prescribed Men


Congratulations to the Winners!

Scaled Women -Ranking #1                          Scaled Women -Ranking #2

3rd Place:  Carla Santana                               3rd Place:  Isabelle Deslauriers
2nd Place: Cecile Gagnevin                            2nd Place:  Meghan Hackler
1st Place:  Meghan Hackler                            1st Place:   Cecile Gagnevin

Scaled Men

3rd Place:  Joseph Maestas
2nd Place:  Paul Peranzi
1st Place:  Andrew Handgardner

Prescribed Men

3rd Place:  Michael Moseley
2nd Place:  Derek Kneadler
1st Place:  Peter Egyed

Prescribed Women

3rd Place:  Samantha Silverman
2nd Place:  Katie Brown
1st Place:  Amanda DeRosa

Here are our CrossFit Flagstaff Competitors!!!

IMG_7775 IMG_7791 IMG_7804 IMG_7795 IMG_7849 IMG_7934 IMG_7919 IMG_7894 IMG_7972 IMG_7853 IMG_7828 IMG_7917 IMG_7877 IMG_7931 IMG_7840 IMG_7844 IMG_7922 IMG_7959 IMG_7818 IMG_7986 IMG_7977

Congratulations to Ryland and Katie for best performance from our CFF crew!

Katie took 2nd place overall!  SUPER proud of her!

MORE PHOTOS ON THE FLICKR ALBUM (also see this album and photos from Full Squared Productions in our photo albums on the right side of our page.  If you want any of the originals, contact me for ours and Full Squared for theirs.  We'll keep adding as they come in from other cameras!) also posted about this event all day yesterday!  Check out the videos and photos!
"We loaded over 45 videos to the page on site during the event giving viewers live/upto date coverage and results via twitter and we had over 240 people (unique visitors to the page during the competition) following the event online at home."

Jesse Prescott, Never Die Media, also created a great tribute video to "Lauriel" as well as another video of the AC2 day, below.  Thank you, Jesse!

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