Thanksgiving Prep

IMG_7312 IMG_7310WOD

Power Clean
80% 1RM 1 rep x 8 sets


100m Prowler Push x 2
100m Sled Sprint x 2

Post loads and times.


Another CFF pushes prowlers...and 1k Prowler Pushes!
You think OUR prowler pushes are hard!

IMG_7263 IMG_7267

Yay! Kim gets to play with the prowlers!    Mall've met your match with these gals!

IMG_7286 IMG_7243 IMG_7271 IMG_7221 IMG_7303 IMG_7291

Welcome to CrossFit, Paul! Great to have you join us!

IMG_7216 IMG_7214 IMG_7235

With a close look at the top photo, you'll see why Ken seems to be walking toward his shoe in the first photo!

IMG_7294 IMG_7289 IMG_7299

Welcome to Bruce and Jane's family, visiting for Thanksgiving!  Great to have you at CrossFit Flagstaff!

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