Team Effort and Max Deadlifts

Img_4316 WOD
Teams of 3, 2 Rounds Through-
For Time, Total Distance Rowed, Total Pushups/Situps Completed:

  • 1 Runs 400m and
  • 1 Rows as far as they can while
  • 1 does as many Pushups/Situps as they can

Rotate through each station as each runner returns and tags out the rower.
Pushups 1st time at that station, Situps 2nd time at that station.

Rest 3-5 minutes, then:
Deadlift 3-2-2-1-1-1 Rep Rounds for Max Load, hopefully PR!
Img_4147 Img_4156 Img_4159 Img_4164Img_4284 Img_4197_2 Img_4201 Img_4202 Img_4203

We had the pleasure of having Yael Grauer, from Tucson, visit us today!  She found her PR on her Deadlift and was a great teammate!  Thanks for joining us, Yael!   Also, thanks Linc, from CrossFit Sedona, for coming up and working out with us this evening, as well!