Team ROW!

IMG_5423CrossFit WOD

Team 10k Row
  Teams of 3
  Switch every 250m

(If team of 2, scale to 6500m with a 1 min. rest for the ghost rider 3rd teammate.)

Strength Focus                                              Nuts and Bolts

Shoulder Press                                              Box Jumps/Rope Climbs
Find 5RM                                                       Double Unders Skills

IMG_5419 IMG_5419 IMG_5419

What GREAT teamwork and motivation we saw today!  Dance parties, pit-crew transition efficiency, sweat-angel contests, cheering on the "ghost-rower" teammate, creative team names ... all sorts of great energy!

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"Tips From a Silver-Medalist Rower" with Krista Guloien, CrossFit Journal video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov]

A Biomechanical Analysis of Rowing

Indoor Rowing: Damper Settings & Intensity

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