Team Friday

Teams of 4 Complete 3 Rounds for Time:

1 member at each station, rotate only when all members are finished with their station.
Round 1                             Round 2                        Round 3
3 Rope Climbs                    2 Rope Climbs               1 Rope Climb
30 Medicine Ball Cleans     20 Med Ball Cleans        10 Med Ball Cleans
15 Handstand Pushups      10 HSPU                         5 HSPU
15 Deadlift High Pulls        10 DLHP                         5 DLHP

Cello keeled over with the workout!  Time for a rest day, everyone!
Tara got a full rope climb today!  Perseverance and determination pay off!
Img_8818 Img_8821 Img_8819 Img_8820

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