Tara's Friday Antics

Img_3685WOD  -Given to us today by Tara Parocki!  Thanks, Tara!
Max Rounds in 20 minutes of:

Img_3596 Img_3630 Img_3637
It was GREAT to have Steve's girlfriend, Donna, join us today!  She got Double Unders and full jumps onto a 20" box today!  Donna trains with Everyday Athlete Fitness in Portland, OR and has the privilege of having Nichole DeHart as her trainer.  I think we are going to steal Donna away though...rumor has it.
Img_3621 Img_3622 Img_3623 Img_3626
Aaah, the mental game of the box jump...  Mo TOTALLY broke through it and got 24" box jumps today!  Nice mental push for yourself, Mo!
Of course, Steve shows us one of the reasons we get a little paralyzed by that ol' box...ouch!
Img_3659 Img_3653_2

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