Tabatas and Clean Burpees

At the track:

Tabata sprints. Sprint 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds. 8 rounds, begin each sprint from the end of the last sprint. Total distance is the score

Tara: 750 meters

Amanda: 650 meters

At the gym:

50 reps of Clean Burpees (burpee into a dumbell clean & press)

Tara: 8:20 with 15# dbs

Amanda: 9:45 with 15# dbs

Linc: 11:30 with 20# dbs

Tabata Squats; worst round is the score

Tara: 20 reps (a new PR!)

Amanda: 15 reps

100_2870 100_2871

Note: The Thursday PM workout will NOT be at the Coconino High School track. It will be at Peaks as usual.