Tabata What I Say!


"We did what I called Tabata What I Say ~

I had 5 people pick one exercise each that they really liked or wanted to work on.  Basically, I had them pick out their own Tabata exercise without them knowing.  This way my guilt was kept down to a minimum when they were hurting.  P8030330 P8030332
The workout was:
Slam Ball
They all mentioned how much they really like Tabata.  As usual, I was impressed by how hard everyone worked and how well they did."  -Isabelle
P8030329_3P8030328_5 P8030339_2 P8030341

Awesome idea!  I like that the athletes get to pick their own pain.  Nice work, Isabelle, and thanks for teaching!  I'm sure Tanner felt worked afterwards...  See everyone on Monday!

Hiking Mt. Hood~
Img_7019 Img_7047 Img_7062

Mike hiking with his 25 lb. "pack".   Wildflowers on Mt. Hood.  Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Rainier, and Mt. Adams in the distance.
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