Sunday, May 12


For the Hip:

Holley Mangold Olympic Mobility Hips

Hip Mobility is VITAL to sitting upright in the bottom position

We need to have mobile hips to allow our knees to externally rotate as we squat down. Think of it as allowing your knees to go wider than you and your butt to sit between your ankles. You can find the hip mobility VIDEOS HERE.

For Dorsiflexion

(Sorry… dorky word.. your knee moving over the toe as you squat – I know I know very simplified.. yes that is OK!):

Heather Smith Columbus Weightlifting Dorsiflexion

The knees going over the toes (dorsiflexion) is another key in bottom position! (Ever heard of "KNEES OUT!")?

Ah the ol’ knee over the toe. To dorsiflex or not to dorsiflex. This is such a hot issue at times with many telling us they’ve heard, “it’s bad for my knees”. Your knee must track over your toe to be successful in Olympic Weightlifting and squatting. Can it be bad for your knee? Yes, IF your weight is toward your toes… so stay back sitting between your heels! Find the Dorsiflexion Mobility VIDEO HERE.

2. Squat to a 1 rep max.
3. Drop about 20 to 30% off the bar and squat up to a heavy three ("heavy three" means the heaviest weight you can do without missing) - go up by no more than 5 to 10 lb. at a time.
4. Drop about 20 to 30% off of that and do two sets of five with the best form you can muster, trying to come up as fast out of the hole as you possibly can.