Sunday Make Up Day

IMG_3701Sundays are make up days, skill work days, Core development days, and just have fun days.  Come in, grab a friend, and have a great workout.  That is what CrossFit is really all about! Make up: Friday's workout - "1775" or Saturday's workout - "J.T."

IMG_3673IMG_3688IMG_3689IMG_3690 Sarah has been working on the skills, positions, and technique of the muscle up - and she made the pull to transition!  Great dedication, Sarah!  PROUD work!

IMG_9030 IMG_9031 FullSizeRender

Outside the box.... The Mountain Man Triathlon went down at Lake Mary today and we had the privilege of seeing Marissa compete in her first triathlon and Jo and Rosie crush it with some great times!  You all looked strong out there!

IMG_9042 IMG_9029 IMG_9032

IMG_3638 IMG_3642 Really proud of Casey and Tiana, who have been running some really amazing training for Steve's Club!  Changing lives and providing some incredible positive influence on these young lives.