Sumo Deadlift

CrossFIMG_7823it WOD -Sumo Deadlift

  • 1 Rep Heavy

then, On the Minute for 15 Minutes:

  • Minute One - 6 Sumo Deadlifts @ 60%
  • Minute Two - :40 Hollow Hold
  • Minute Three - 10 Strict Toes to BarIMG_7824

Strength Focus WOD -

Sled Push Suicides: start with an empty Prowler and go to 50 yard line and back. Add 2 (45#) plates, go to 40 yard line and back. Add 2 (25#) plates, go to 30 yard line and back. Move up to 4 (45#) plates and go to 20 yard line and back. Add 2 (25#) plates and go to 10 yard line and back. NOW…repeat the process, but go backwards - work down in weight, up in distance. These are done at a fast pace…no walking!  Add weights quickly! 

Comp Squad ExtrasIMG_7825 Squat

  • 7×5 Back Squats, across


IMG_7744 IMG_7687 IMG_7772 IMG_7745 IMG_7757 IMG_7692 IMG_7697 IMG_7685 IMG_7714

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