Strongman Saturday

CrossFit Strongman WOD - IMG_5809  Deadlift Challenge Double-Bodyweight barbell Deadlifts for max reps in one set * Every rep must be LOWERED UNDER CONTROL. ** Lifter must let go of barbell (on the floor) & re-establish grip before next rep. This forces the lifter to pull the barbell from a DEAD stop. No touch & go! *** This is max effort in ONE SET. If you leave the platform between reps or have time to take a leak then it's no longer one set. Stay at the bar, don't do anything but deadlift. When you let go, go right into your set-up, and pull again. (Yes, all these requirements make it HARDER. They also make you STRONGER!)

Finisher: One-arm DB press      Pick a DB you can  strict press about 5 reps in a row with.      Max reps strict press in 90 seconds with Left arm ONLY      Rest 1 minute      Equal number of reps strict press with Right arm ONLY Rest 3 minutes & repeat (90s Left, Rest 1 min, match reps Right)

Compare to March 2014

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