Strongman Saturday

CrossFit WOD -IMG_7624 Strongman Rule review: 1) protect spine, 2) don't drop heavy stuff on self or neighbors, 3) don't destroy equipment.

Warm-up: Sandbag carry, broad jumps, scapular retractions on pullup bar, scapular pushups, band pull-aparts, vert jump, bear crawl

WOD: Farmer Carry (bodyweight per hand) for max distance Course is 50 feet long, with a cone at each end. Starting with feet behind one cone, pick up the handles, walk as many laps as possible without letting the weights touch the ground. Turn around the cones and come back on the other side. Don't knock over the cones. Score = total distance in feet. (A coach can measure partial laps with the wheel.)

Cash-out: Crucifix hold for time (DB's - 25# M/15# W) Time begins when arms are fully extended to sides with thumbs above shoulders, but below top of ears. Time ends when elbows bend or thumbs leave the shoulder-to ear zone.

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