Strong(hu)man Saturday!

CrossFit WOD - "Pac-Man" (from Rob Orlando & Hybrid Athletics) 5 rounds, each for time, rest as needed (3-5 min) between rounds.      Ground-to-overhead with each implement once.      DB (clean with 2 hands, press/pp/jerk with 1)      Atlas Stone / Slam-ball / Sand-bag      Axle      Log

IMG_2657 IMG_2469 IMG_2474 IMG_2484 IMG_2490 IMG_2498 IMG_2513 IMG_2515 IMG_2485 IMG_2570 IMG_2585 IMG_2521 IMG_2526 IMG_2512 IMG_2574 IMG_2624 IMG_2646 IMG_2641 IMG_2630 IMG_2626 IMG_2622 IMG_2598 IMG_2590 IMG_2528 IMG_2546 IMG_2504 IMG_2557


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