Why Are You So STRICT???

IMG_3259CrossFit WOD3 rounds for time of: 10 Strict Handstand Pushups 15 Strict Ring Dips 20 Strict Pushups 45 Strict Pullups

We are chasing form today, looking for a strict interpretation of each of these movements. What is strict?  We would define this as using no kipping momentum and keeping a straight body/gymnastic hollow throughout the entire movement.  Today we concentrate on VIRTUOSITY, elegant movements performed as solidly as possible. No kipping on the Pullups, Dips, or Handstand Pushups. Rock solid plank position, no snaking on the pushups. In all reality, you may not have any version of any of these exercises in your wheelhouse yet, let alone a strict version, and for sure you don’t have all of the requested reps. Since the workout is specifically requesting STRICT form, that is the emphasis today rather than the volume of full reps.IMG_3260

Strength Focus Overhead Squat 15RM Goal is bodyweight, unbroken (or, test how close to BW you can do this)

Penalty for breaking, 30 Burpee Pullups

IMG_3256 IMG_3175 IMG_3217 Thanks for visiting from CF Southwest(PHX), Dane! IMG_3214 IMG_3165IMG_3174 IMG_3171 IMG_3154IMG_3249 IMG_3150IMG_3120 IMG_3119 IMG_3113

Great showing for Scott's Mobility Clinic today!  People tested their Overhead Squat form, went through various mobility drills for squats and hips and ankles and calves, and then re-tested the OHS.  After yesterday's squat-fest, this was a great way to loosen up! If you missed out, he will be back on Friday at 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. and will do more at the end of the month at the same times.

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