"Stretch Armstrong"

Barbell Skill WorkDeadlift-Power Clean-Front Squat-Push Press 2x5

CrossFit WOD - "Stretch Armstrong"IMG_2537 100 Double Unders


3 rounds of: 15 Deadlifts (225# M, 155# W) 35 Abmat Situps


100 Double Unders

Comp Extras 1.  Clean Complex A.  Work up to a heavy set of: Power Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Squat Clean B.  5×1 Squat Clean, with the same weight you were able to get above ** 2.  Overhead Strength A.  3×8 Strict Press, across B.  3×5 Push Press, across C.  3×3 Push Jerk, across **

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