Steve's Birthday Strength Bias Workout

For Load:

  • Back Squat

          3-3-3 rep sets, increasing load each set
          3 Rounds for time of:

  • 3 Push Press -bodyweight
  • 3 Dumbbell Squat Cleans -3/4 bodyweight total
  • 20 Double Unders

Scale load appropriately to complete the workout in 10 minutes or less.
IMG_3450 IMG_3447
Nice 1st Back Squat, Jamie!
IMG_3417 IMG_3419 IMG_3418 IMG_3410 IMG_3426 IMG_3443
Yeah.  METABOLICALLY induced discomfort.  NOT physical injury induced discomfort.  Dudes.  Be REALLY aware of stepping away from the racks when you lift and if you do drop the weight, keep it under control and guide it down with your hands as much as you can.  It is GREAT that you are pushing yourselves hard and exploring the edges of what you are capable of, but please be careful!  OUCH.

This incident does bring me to a criticism in our surveys that I would like to address. "The goal of training is not bleeding, mangled hands. Please get over this. That is not training hard, it is making a training error! Celebrating this is not a good thing."  IMG_2925 IMG_5626

We would like to be clear on this point.  It is actually NOT our goal to have mangled, bleeding hands, by any means.  I hate it that people's hands get torn and I am CONSTANTLY looking for ways to prevent it.  We have taped the bars with multiple types of coverings, hoping that would help grip strength.  We have purchased a dremel tool to encourage people to file down their calluses, put out articles on our site about hand care, pushed the use of pumice stone filing after showers, taped hands up in every way imaginable, worked with various grip technique, created duct tape "gloves", ask that you do band or jumping pullups when the hands start ripping too much, etc etc.  The hazard of kipping pullups is that there is increased friction and therefore torn skin, especially to those who have to grip harder and with more of their hand around the bar until their grip strength improves.  It does get better as grip strength improves and as technique in the kip is refined and not such a big swing is needed.  Until then, we encourage everything I have mentioned above, as well as anything new anyone learns about it.  What we DO encourage as a goal is hitting the workouts with everything you have, with intensity, good form, with the desire to get better and more efficient, building up your capacity over time.  When people's hands tear, it is often because they went hard, they tried their best to learn something that will eventually improve their performance and power output, or they took their workout to a level that explored the boundries of their physical capacity.  That sometimes causes hands to tear.  It is the success of what they reached for in their workout that we are celebrating and the torn hands are sometimes an unfortunate side effect which we work to prevent but understand it will happen on occasion.  Please understand that.