Squat and Run

CrossFit WODFor time: 30 Back Squats (225lbs/155lbs) 1-mile Run

Improvement comes from consistency.

Without consistency we just have… mediocre. I don’t know of anyone at our gym that has the personality to wake up and say, “today I am going to be mediocre.” Consistency needs to present in everything we do and every day we do it.

First, we need to make it to the gym consistently. If we come 5 times one week and then “get busy” for the next 3 weeks then we are really just making our selves into a hamster on a hamster wheel. We will never go anywhere. We will get frustrated with our progress and ultimately give up.

Secondly, we need consistent effort. If you show up with the expectations of giving it your 50% then you are going to get 50% of the results. Coach Glassman says, “impress me with intensity, not volume.” Consistent effort on a high level is where we will find our best results.

The truth is you can have whatever you want if you are consistent. If we replace "maybe later" with "never" would it change the way we act? Generally, when we put something off we don’t have an opportunity to make it up. It's now or never. Life doesn’t leave too many opportunities for maybe later.

If we are true to ourselves and consistent then we can all be epic. Let’s choose to be epic. Epic in our own right. Don’t look at what everyone else is doing and think that you can’t do that. Look at where you have come from and realize that your journey is epic.