Sprinting in to 2013!

IMG_26411st WOD of 2013!
1. Back Rack Jerk (Jerk balance for skill work)
    5×1 (climbing)

2. "Hamstring Bust"
5 Rounds, time each round individually:

    5 Deadlifts (heavy weight)
    7 Box Jumps (high box)
    100 ft. Sprint

Teams of 2 alternate rounds.  While one races a round, the other rests.

Compare to: December 2010



"Approach the New Year with resolve to find the opportunities hidden in each new day.  Whether we want them or not, the New Year will bring new challenges; whether we seize them or not, the New Year will bring new opportunities."    -Michael Josephson

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It is hard for me not to be romantic about CrossFit. The impact it has had on my life has been remarkable. It has given me professional direction where I had none. It has connected me with people who have strong work ethic and deep integrity; people who are inspired by true effort, empowered by self-sufficiency. It gave an outlet to my deep need to help others realize their own potential and how much they are capable of, within themselves. The impact and effect I see it have on others' lives is significant and goes deeper than the physical gains they see within the gym walls.

It wasn't just a foundational GPP and a broadening of the margins of my own life experiences that I gained by following Greg Glassman's vision of functional fitness. Everything about the past 7 years my life has been influenced by CrossFit. Each chapter has been incredibly influential and positive. Looking back on the many chapters that I've had in just the past six years of owning CrossFit Flagstaff, I am grateful for each positive experience and positive influence. When I think about that reflection on CrossFit, I wonder how many people feel the same about their growth within this community.

The below quote is a reflection of our lives and much of the dissertation about it was written by a friend and resonated strongly with me. I want to share it because it articulates well, my own musing over this past year, and looking forward to the year to come.

Life is a book. Today is but a chapter.

The truth in that statement is overwhelming, especially if you consider every step that brought you to today. Books have certain distinctions. While the hard cover indicates a beginning and an end, there are many beginnings and endings in a single book. These beginnings and endings are called chapters. It is our responsibility to celebrate those jumps from chapter to chapter, we aren't supposed to procrastinate by re-reading a chapter, fretting over yesterday. Or reading the text slowly, in fear of encountering what's next. It is also our responsibility to honor the chapters that we've read and the lessons that we've learned, so that the next chapter will make sense. Each past experience and every personal investment into ourselves serves a purpose. Everything that you are today, and will be tomorrow, makes perfect sense - only because of the previous chapters. It is all cumulative. All you have to do is take a moment and read back to gain perspective. Just make sure that whatever you do, you do it boldly and without hesitation. Don't be afraid to turn the page. That's what chapters are for. And I am thankful for every single word, line, and page of them.

Thank you, to everyone in our community, for words you have written in my life chapters these past 6 years of owning this affiliate and being part of your lives.

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