Speed - Under the Bar, Short Distance



1.)  Snatch

  • 70% 1RM 2 reps x 4 sets

First Pull Video
Second Pull and Catch Video

2.)  10m Sprints

  • 5 Intervals - One minute work, one minute rest

(Aimed # of 10m shuttle runs in a minute = highest completed minute in Death by 10m Sprints - find results in Jan 2012, Jan, Sept, or Dec 2010, or Sept 2009)

Ex: if you completed a max of 11 sprints in a minute in the Death By 10m Sprint WOD, you run 11 sprints each work interval. If someone didn't do Death By 10m Sprints, they run as many 10m sprints as they can the first round then attempt to hold that number for the rest of the work intervals.

Record number of successfully completed rounds.



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