Snowy March Thursday

Come in from the cold, surprise snow storm!  Make up a workout you missed this week, develop your core, hang with your friends, or do the final Open workout!

Bottoms Up, Chins Up!

When you work on skills and positions.....SUCCESS!

1st swing at 17.5!  POWERFUL THIGHS in play!

The beauty of community - smiles, chats, camaraderie, sillies, laughter, and supportive cheers!

Take a moment to appreciate the successes you have had through the Open this year - then go out and crush this last one!

Don't forget - we are having a Close the Open party tomorrow night after the final 5:00 grand finale class!  Come and throw down, bring a side dish, and grab some BBQ!!!  Let's celebrate the END of the Open and all of the successes, PR's, and incredible efforts we saw over the last 5 weeks! 

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