Practice and practice and practice the form.  With the PVC pipe, with light loads, with moderate loads, and move on to heavier loads if you can. 

Mid-way through the hour, for 5 minutes, 1 Snatch on the minute, each minute.  Increase load each minute if you can.

Women Lifting in Argentina competition
Dimas 175kg Snatch
Dutch Does Snatch Drills w/ Coach Burgener (CFJ Preview) ...[wmv][mov]

IMG_6229 IMG_6230 IMG_6239 IMG_6241 IMG_6249
91kg PR!  Nice work, Dutch!!
IMG_6333 IMG_6339 IMG_6343
Thanks for coaching, helping us all out with that elusive Snatch, Dutch.  It has been and honor and a pleasure having you at our gym this week!
IMG_6120 IMG_6258 IMG_6319
CrossFit Instructional Videos on the Snatch:
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