Sleep Eating


Two Weeks Later... Doing a written log would be the most proficient way to track the real data of "changing my evil eating ways."  I am still mastering the log, which means that most of my data is chicken scribble on random pieces of paper in random places around the house or work.  What I have found for sure is that my sugar consumption is much lower.  Much.  I find it easy to avoid the "obvious" sugar things: candy, ice cream, raw white sugar out of the bag, or whatever it is that my co-worker is drinking.  Yet, cereal is definitely my down fall.  As in, late night/half awake/pouring into bowl/ sitting next to my sleeping son/while smacking cereal with my eyes closed-type of downfall.  Sad?  No, just belly aching. This is the worst of it.  Otherwise my protein, fat and carbohydrate ratio is closer to desirable.  I choose things mostly without labels, eat more veggies, healthy fats, better fruits, and am doing well with chicken and turkey.  More water, no juice and bitter coffee to drink.  I'd say I'm around 85% when other people weigh my food for me.  There are places that can be tweaked and being hung-over off of LIFE cereal is slightly embarrassing, but its improvement... 

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