Skinny Fat?

Losing weight or losing muscle? It is best to really know what you are doing because when you lose muscle, your metabolism slows down and this leads to "skinny fat". The the never ending cycle of starving, too much cardio and not enough food cycle continues. Get the right education and training based in science (not opinion) and get results.
It is important to not fixate on weight. 5 pounds of muscle is denser and takes up less space than 5 pounds of fat.

This is SUCH an import message. We, especially woman, have been programmed to follow the scale as the all important indicator of progress. WRONG. I would much rather be heavier and more muscular while being leaner than simply LIGHTER. Wake up folks. In the final analyses, what you see in the mirror is MORE important than what the numbers on your scale are.


NutritionLisa RayComment