Shoulder Stabilizers


For Load:

  • Bench Press

           5-5-5 rep sets to find a 5RM

Compare to May and April 2011, March 2010,
Oct 2009

Cash Out: 20 Turkish Getups (10 per arm), 30 GHD Situps

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Proper Bench Technique

CrossFit Journal video

The first cue is to set your shoulders back in their sockets, pinching shoulder blades behind you so your shoulders are well supported to reduce the risk of injury. Get under the bar and lift it to hold it over the chest, not the eyes. From there, use a straight-line path for the bar as you press over your chest.

On the way down, act as if you're going to break the bar. On the way up, spread the bar. Pretend like it’s a rubber band and you’re trying to stretch it—your hands aren’t going to move, but you’re pulling as hard as you can.

The stance is wide legs and foot position.

You should be pushing into the ground, spreading the floor with your feet.

This video demonstrates common faults with the bench press, including set-up, and provides points of performance to maintain safe lifting.

The key to no shoulder injuries is proper positioning.  It takes the pressure off the shoulders and lowers your injury rate dramatically … and it allows you to create as much power and torque as possible.

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