Shoulder Press-Push Press-Push Jerk

IMG_3472 WOD
Increase load with each set.

                                                   Compare to March 2008 and February 2009.

CrossFit Educational videos:        
Annie demos the workout.
SP-PP-PJ demo video.  Push Press Issues video.  Rippetoe reviews Shoulder Press.  Jerk/Split Jerk Intro.

IMG_3444 IMG_3468 IMG_3461

GREAT form on the shoulder press, Laura!  Feet directly under the hips, rooted through the heels and not in the toes, rigid mid-line to press off of, tucking her chin back and pressing in a nice straight line rather than out and around the face - most efficient and effective path for the bar.
Laura and Jamie both finish in a beautiful overhead position with the bar directly over their mid-line, active and open shoulder to support the load.  Nice work!
IMG_3456 IMG_3435 IMG_3464
Holli has a good rack (no pun intended!) with her elbows forward of the bar (thought I might have her bring them down a little), creating a shelf on which the bar can rest and be pressed from.  If the elbows are behind the bar, it will not allow the shoulders to take the load and it will also cause the path of the bar to arc out away from the body, creating an inefficient line of drive. 
Great to have Katie Brown back with her awesome Push Jerk!  Nice overhead in the push jerk, Ben!  That shoulder is coming along!