Shoulder Press and Burn

CrossFit WOD - IMG_0946Shoulder Press Build to a Heavy Set of 3

"Burner" 100 Double-Unders 50 Strict Presses (95/65) * Every time you break the presses, 30 DU's IMG_0949 IMG_0951

Strength WOD - Front Squat 1 Rep Max Comp Squad Extras- 10 x 50 meter sprints, 30 second rest between


IMG_0902 IMG_0943 IMG_0872 Welcome Shawn and Eva who recently joined CrossFit Flagstaff! IMG_0925 IMG_0921 IMG_0858 Jacob and Brandon also attended their first classes tonight! IMG_0851 IMG_0853 IMG_0852 Earl, Wendy and Ute stopped in for a WOD from Des Moines and Florida. IMG_0859 IMG_0856 IMG_0855 George was visiting from LaLanne Fitness IMG_0939 IMG_0940 IMG_0880 IMG_0891 IMG_0905

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