Shoulder Press, Push Press, Push Jerk

Increase load with each set.

Compare to April 2008 and July 2008.

Educational videos:
Annie demos the workout.
SP-PP-PJ demo video.  Push Press Issues video. Rippetoe reviews Shoulder Press.  Jerk/Split Jerk Intro.

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Congratulations, Katie and Laura!  They have been working so hard for a new PR in the Shoulder Press!!

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Key components of the set-up and finish of the overhead lifts:

1. Feet under hips, elbows slightly forward of the bar.  2. Tight, stable mid-line -abs supporting the low back. 3. Fully active,engaged shoulders at the top; nice straight line through the armpit.

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Key components for success in the Push Press and Push Jerk:

1. Chest up, knees forward, short explosive straight down and up dip. 2 and 3. Fully open, powerfully driven extension of the hip to put momentum on the bar.

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