She's Got the Kip!!

Tara has been working HARD with CrossFit since August, rehabing a broken back, training for the fire fighter academy, and training for adventure racing with her team, Adventure Racing Concepts .  This woman is amazing.  She pushes herself both mentally and physically and we are all constantly impressed and inspired by her drive and motivation.  Today, Tara popped right into her first kipping pullups, stringing several together.  Nice work!!!

Img_4364 Img_4354_2 Img_4363

The kipping pull-up integrates upper and lower extremities, and doubles the work capacity of the pull-up. (

Mike's Chipper

  • 20 Slam Ball (20 lb. ball)
  • 20 Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift Highpull (1.5 pood=53 lb.)
  • 2 rounds:35 lb. DB Hang Squat Cleans x15, 75 lb. Push Press x15
  • 20 Burpees
  • 1,000m Row or 800m Run

Tara: 15:47 (50 lb. SDLHP, 25 lb. DBs HSC, 55 lb. Push Press, Row)
Ryan: 18:20 (as Rx'd, Ran)
John: 23:25 (30 lb. DBs HSC, Ran 1100m)
Linc: 16:10 (30 lb. DBs HSC, Ran)
Mike: 13:21 (as Rx'd, Row)
Lisa: 13:40 (50 lb. SDLHP, 25 lb. DBs HSC, 55 lb. PP, Row)

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