Self-Defense Seminar

"As many of you know, I have taught a self defense class at CrossFit Flagstaff for some time now and I've been wanting to do a women's self-defense seminar as well. I saw a video on the internet a few days ago where a woman was home alone with her daughter and a man forced his way into her house and brutally assaulted her. I contacted Lisa immediately to set up a date for this seminar.

I teach a form of Gracie Jiu Jitsu called Women Empowered, as well as a few other techniques that I have learned through studying Mixed Martial Arts over the last 6 years. The video above is of one of the Gracie brothers and his future wife, Eve breaking down the video and giving advice on what to do in that type of situation.This is the same type of instruction you will receive in classes and this seminar. Watch the video at your own discretion, it is quite graphic and upsetting, but shows the necessity for knowing how to defend and take care of yourself." - Jesse

If you want further instruction, continued repetition and practice on these defense movements, please contact Jesse to attend his self-defense classes.  Don't forget what you've learned!  You will always react in panic at your lowest common denominator.  If these moves and defenses are practiced and easily recalled, they will be the immediate reaction vs forgetting and getting into trouble.

Stay safe!

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