Ryan's Big 4

Friday's WOD:

"When I played high school football, discipline was doled out via "TheBig 4".  A big four is a 100 yard Bear crawl, 100 yard backpedal, 100 yard tapioca (that side running/leg crossover thing) then sprint 100 yard to finish.

Today's workout was inspired by that.  We relocated to the high school football field.  We started with the ball toss triplet (granny shot, chest pass, the behind the back) for 100 meters.  Ran stadiums back to the starting line.  Bear crawl back to your ball 100 meters.  Then balls, stadiums, and backpedal.  Then balls, stadiums, and tapioca.  And finish with balls, stadiums, and an all out sprint."

Jason: 17:42
Chloe:  19:40
Connie:  20:50 (with one handshake with the clown!!!)


Dsci0052 Dsci0057 Dsci0055 Dsci0060

Awesome workout!  Thanks, Ryan!

Friday 6:00 p.m. WOD