Ryan's Rings and Row Rampage

We can thank Ryan Heck for our shoulder soreness tomorrow!Img_9504_2
Nice workout, Ryan!
For Time:
Row 250m
  15 Ring Pullups
Row 250m
  15 Ring Knees-to-Elbows or 5 Skin the Cat
Row 250m
  15 Ring Dips or 5 Muscle-Ups
Row 250m
  15 Ring Rows
Row 250m
  15 Ring Pushups or Archer Pushups -5 per side
(variation 3,4 in vid)
Row 250m
Img_9443 Img_9393 Img_9439

Ring Pullups                      Skin the Cat...
Img_9465 Img_9466 Img_9468 Img_9470 Img_9471 Img_9474 Img_9427 Img_9426
Muscle-Up Progression                          Ring Dips                Ring Pushups
Ring Rows and Ring Pushups

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