Ryan's "LRay" Workout Shows 2007 Out the Door...

Img_0585LAST WOD OF 2007!  Thanks, Ryan!
For Time:

500m Row
  21 Burpee Pullups
  21 Slam Ball Situps
500m Row
  15 Burpee Pullups
  15 Slam Ball Situps
500m Row
  9 Burpee Pullups
  9 Slam Ball Situps

Compare to October 2007.
Img_0495 Img_0496 Img_0536 Img_0575 Img_0522 Img_0504 Img_0497 Img_0521 Img_0546 Img_0570_2 Img_0581 Img_0569

HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE!!  Thank you to everyone for making 2007 a really awesome year!!!

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