Ryan's "Lisa" Workout of Pain, AND New Pullup Bars!

Img_1027WOD for Time:
500m Row
  21 Burpee Pullups
  21 Slam Ball Situps
500m Row
  15 Burpee Pullups
  15 Slam Ball Situps
500m Row
  9 Burpee Pullups
  9 Slam Ball Situps

BIG thank you to Mike, Jason, and Cullen for all your work and help on the new pullup bars!  They are AWESOME!
Img_1007 Img_1012 Img_0857 Img_1015 Img_0906 Img_0955 Img_1017 Img_0889 Img_0999 Img_1025

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