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IMG_7598CrossFit WOD 5k Run (before it storms!)

Row if you are unable to Run

Compare to June 2014


IMG_7473 brodieamyimogen And running in other parts of the world was happening as well!  Congrats to all our athletes who ran Imogene Pass today!!!  Our small-potatoes 5k was nothing compared to 17 miles and going up to 13,000 feet elevation!  Send us your photos if you ran today!

static.squarespace.comBig thanks to Matt Foreman and Katie Brown for coming to the gym today and putting on an Iron Athlete clinic to teach and refine our movements on the Snatch and Clean & Jerk.  Great instruction, HUGE improvements!  WELL worth $60 to have these guys work for 4 hours on our technique!  If you weren't here, you missed out on getting faster and more powerful at the Olympic lifts!

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