4 Rounds, Each for Time of:

Rest as needed between rounds.

Compare to May 2008.

CrossFit Running Technique Videos:

Fixing Matt's Stride, Part I, Brian MacKenzie ...[wmv][mov]
Long/Slow vs Short/Fast, Brian MacKenzie ...[wmv][mov]
Run Corrections, CrossFit Newport Beach...[wmv][mov]
Running Shoe Technology, Brian Mackenzie ...[wmv][mov]
Running Seminar Technique Analysis...[wmv][mov]
Running Technique, CrossFit Newport Beach...[wmv][mov]

IMG_4414 IMG_4415 IMG_4416 


Welcome to Flagstaff, Damon!  Thanks for coming to OUR elevation and kicking OUR asses!

Damon is the owner of Wasatch CrossFit