IMG_2796Strength Focus

  • Bench Press

Complete one set for Max Reps. 
Beasts 205# M/125# W
Ninjas:  175# M/105# W
Rest 2 minutes then complete the same number of reps as fast as possible.

What is the difference between "Beasts" and "Ninjas"?
Beasts are those that excel at strength movements.  Think Khalipa.
Ninjas are those that excel at bodyweight movements.  Think Speal.

IMG_2792What if you are neither a Beast or a Ninja?
Pick one, or pick both and scale up, or pick neither - your call.

CrossFit WOD

  • 100m Sprint

10 x 100m, On the Minute for 10 minutes

Record the fastest and slowest times.

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