CFT - Road to Success

CROSSFIT TOTAL is tomorrow. 
Final test for those on the Nutrition Challenge!

Approaches To A Successful Total

Because your attempts are limited for each movement, you want to maximize your potential without selling yourself short. Having a strategy for each lift starts with a thorough search of your logbook and notes taken after your last total. Knowing what you successfully lifted during your last total allows you an oportunity to develop a plan of attack for a new PR.

Theoretically, let's say your notes read: "Back squat - 300# (could have gone 10# heavier)". This gives you enough information to build your warm-up and initial attempts. Since we are shooting for a PR, let's build your warm-up sets/reps and initial attempts from our new PR down. When shooting for a 310# PR, build your warm-up and attempts like this:

3rd attempt: 310# (new PR!)
2nd attempt: 300# (old PR)
1st attempt: 290# (a guaranteed lift)
4th warm-up: 280#
3rd warm-up: 255#
2nd warm-up: 215#
1st warm-up: 155# x3

You can approach each movement with this method of building your warm-up reps and attempts from the top down. But let's say things aren't going as planned, you'll need to adapt your approach to be as successful as possible for the day. Suppose your 4th warm-up @ 280# felt heavier than it should, you'll need to modify your opening lift from 290# to something a bit lighter. You can modify as follows to still achieve a PR:

3rd attempt: 305# (new PR!)
2nd attempt: 295# (5# under PR)
1st attempt: 285# (modified opener)
4th warm-up: 280# (felt heavy, moved slow)
3rd warm-up: 255# (same)
2nd warm-up: 215# (same)
1st warm-up: 155# x3 (same)

What about if you miss a lift? Chances are, if you miss a lift it will be the 2nd or 3rd attempt. If you miss the 3rd, no big deal - you're only under your old PR by 5#. But if you miss 295#, your second attempt, don't be egotistical or greedy - drop a little weight and attempt to improve your lift even by a couple of pounds. Apply this method to each lift and maximize your Total for the day!

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