CrossFit Hero WOD -Randy

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Coach Mike Burgener teaches the Snatch- (vid 1)(vid 2)(vid 3)
Previews of the January 2008 CrossFit Journal article videos: (vid 1)(vid 2)
Preview of the February 2008 CrossFit Journal article video: (vid 3)

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Randy Simmons, 51, a 27 year LAPD veteran and SWAT team member was killed February 6 in the line of duty. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Officer Simmons' wife and two children. (CrossFit.com)
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Buck!  You are doing great!  Great shrug and extension, you kept the bar close, nice overhead position.  Land with your feet closer and I won't have anything to pick on you about!  Awesome improvements!
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Nice shrugs, hip extension, and power catches.  A little early arm bend in the 2nd pull, but you guys are looking good.  Shrug harder in the Power Cleans to get the bar more weightless, rather than pulling the bar up with your arms.
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