Raise The Bar

Skills and WarmupClean and Jerk Technique on the 2:00 x 7 sets Hang squat Clean + Squat Clean+ 2 Split Jerk 50%-55%-60%-65%-70%-70%-70%

"RAISE THE BAR" Ascending Ladder for 8 Minutes: 3 Thrusters (95/65), 3 Toes to Bar 6 Thrusters (95/65), 6 Toes to Bar 9 Thrusters (95/65), 9 Toes to Bar Continue to add (3) repetitions to each movement until time is called.

Completing the 12’s = 60 Repetitions Completing the 15’s = 90 Repetitions Completing the 18’s = 126 Repetitions Completing the 21’s = 168 Repetitions Completing the 24’s = 216 Repetitions

CrossFit Flagstaff

A place to raise the bar. And your spirits.

So many good laughs and fun happen on this floor.  But alongside it, true grit, digging deep, celebrating accomplishments, and raising the personal bar for oneself every day.

Talk about raising the bar.  You wanna watch a bad a** powerful woman lift some serious bars and plates, go to CrossFit Vert tomorrow at 10:00 am and watch Kat compete in her powerlifting meet.  Be inspired.  This woman has been working hard, raising the bar for herself every day, and by doing so she raises it for all of us.  Go cheer her on and watch what happens when you dig deep and work hard for a goal.

GO GET 'EM KAT SWAN!!!!  We are proud of you!