Push Jerk 1x7

For Load:

  • Push or Split Jerk

         1-1-1-1-1-1-1 rep sets

Increase load with each set, rest between as needed.

Tara Nott, 48KG Gold Medal at Sydney Olympics

CrossFit Instructional Videos:
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IMG_1576 IMG_1579 IMG_1586
Good dip positions from which to launch the drive.  Elbows slightly forward of the bar, feet hip width apart, weight in heels, chest up, hip slightly closed, ready to drive the power of opening the hip, straight up into the bar, gaining momentum and elevation on the bar. (Bill, I would say you could widen your starting foot stance a bit)

Note the height of the bar in Ali's Push Jerk.  She elevates it with that powerful hip drive, getting it off her body just enough to be able to drop underneath of it, receiving the load at the point at which gravity would start to take over.  She could likely not have pressed that weight above her head with just her arms.  The power of her hip allowed her to get a large load up and over her head, allowing her to now use her legs to stand it up to full height.IMG_1608 IMG_1609 IMG_1611 IMG_1572 IMG_1605

Push Jerk landing stance in partial depth squat.  Split Jerk, or "Jerk", landing stance in lunge.

"The difference between a successful person and 
others is not a lack of strength, 
not a lack of knowledge, 
but rather in a lack of will."
~ Vincent T. Lombardi