"Pretty Easy Workout"

Tanner says, "Beware of workouts that look easy on the board!"Img_5668_2Sage advice from a dog.
2 Rounds
For Time:
500m Row
  15 Wall Ball
-20 lb.
  15 Push Ups
400m Run
  15 Wall Ball
  15 Pushups

Rest 5-8 min., Then:
Overhead Squats 3-3-3-3
Increase weight each round.
Overhead Squatting Safely video
Img_5605_exposure Img_5609_exposure Img_5629_exposure Img_5658_exposure Img_5667_exposure Img_5830 Img_5669 Img_5673 Img_5814 Img_5823

Patty and Cullen had GREAT performance and fast improvement today.  It was their first time doing overhead squats!  Impressive!