Power Cleans

Img_2608 WOD

          3-3-3-3-3 Rep Rounds
          Increase load with each round.

Pull from the ground, catch high.  Demo video of Clean Catch Heights.
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Mike has really improved on his full hip extension, which has allowed him to PR in his Clean weight.  I would like to see him catch his weight in a more solid position with his butt back in more of a 1/4 squat, rather than the open hip chasing the femur and knees that we see here.  Mike is really fast in his shrug and extension and pulling himself under the bar, which is key to moving this kind of weight. 
Img_2432_resize Img_2567_resize Img_2526 Img_2468_resize
Good extension and shrug!  Buck and Donna pull a little with their arms, but have come a long way in getting that extension through the hips, knees, ankles, and shrug.
Img_2484_resize Img_2489_resize Img_2598 Img_2551_resize_2
Good catch positions.  (Elbows higher, Cullen.)
Img_2472_resize_2 Img_2543_resize_2 Img_2565_resize Img_2566_resize Img_2567_resize_2
Arms are really pulling here.  Note how straight Tara's arms are through her pull.  She is putting height and momentum on the bar through her hips and shrug, not by pulling with her arms.  You can note this in Mike's sequence above and in Jason's photo in his extension.  The arms bend only when you are pulling yourself under the bar.  Arms are like ropes!

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