Post Epic Competition

For many, it's a well earned day off!  So many of our athletes competed and moved heavy equipment and judged tirelessly on their feet all day long yesterday at AC2!  It was awesome! For those who needed to come in and make up a workout they missed or wanted to hone their skills, this was your day!



Biasing vs. Targeting Biasing is programming to bias toward the things you like and want to do - allowing for specialization.  Targeting is focusing on a weakness until you fill in the holes in your overall fitness.  Neither are wrong, but specializing in one area is not the focus of CrossFit.  We want to be broadly, generally, and inclusively fit, so if we focus on something in our programming, it's intent is to eliminate it as a weakness or fear.  Either for an individual or as a general gym weakness.

“If you program well, if you give people good exposure to CrossFit, give them a heavy day once a week, couplets triplets the majority of your time, go long every once in a while, no one in your gym is ever going to have to target. No one in your gym is ever going to have to bias ever, ever, ever.”-Chris Spealler

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